The Australian Wedding Book

On Thursday we were invited to a launch to celebrate the release of The Australian Wedding Book. My husband J and I are not mad social butterflies, and do not generally classify ourselves of being part of that scene, so let me give you some back story before we get to the pictures of white chocolate frogs.* Image

When we got married in December last year, one of the elements that was most important to us was the food. We didn't want your usual "wedding food". We wanted our guests to be talking about the food long after the event, but most of all, we wanted one of the most special evenings of our lives to have a similarly special meal involved.

On a whim and after hearing some great word-of-mouth recs, we booked a caterer and we were so thrilled with the result. Not only the food, but the tiny details of the evening. Flowers tied onto the cake knife. Waiters that knew who was drinking the shiraz and who the pinot. A dessert table to die for.

And so we were super thrilled to hear that the owner of the business was releasing a book. A gorgeous, lushly styled, proper Australian guide to having a wedding celebration. Full of hints, advice, sensible timelines, and stunning photography, it is a book I wish I had when we were planning our wedding.

And so! We found ourselves at a fabulous party. Because to be honest, if you're a caterer and you release a wedding book, then you really want a party that folks will remember.

You want a whole table devoted to cheese.


And a man carving proscuitto to order.


There was also a sashimi station, as well as waiters wandering around with things like roasted duck pancakes and tempura marron. Delicious.

But, what you really want to see when walking into a room is this:


See those little teacups? They are crème brûlées, which we had at our wedding, and I can say with all honesty that they are the best crème brûlée in Sydney, if not the whole of Australia. I love that it was all white desserts, to fit the theme; and that the dessert table included a giant glass jar full of white chocolate frogs - just visible in the back of this photo.

White flowers were also the order of the day: gardenia, peonies, roses and phalaenopsis orchids.


The columns in the space were wrapped with babies' breath and uplit in magenta - quite a stunning effect. Dreadful photography.


It was a fabulous event, the kind of thing that I would love to do floral styling for one day. I wish Kate and her team all the best with the book - and thanks for letting us enjoy the crème brûlées once more!

* Blatant use of bribery to get you in.