We just got home from an impromptu camping trip to Mount Wilson, up near the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. I wanted to go up there on the chance that Nooroo, a beautiful landscaped garden, would be open, but it was not. It rained the entire time, and we have come home extremely waterlogged and tired.

Rookie mistake #456: setting up the new tent in the dark in the rain.

Our plans of sitting out under the stars and cooking our dinner were foiled. Thankfully, the campsite had a small shelter for cooking. Ha, we thought, we are not stymied by bad weather, we are hardcore campers! Then we found that we had no cutlery in the picnic basket. We drank our pasta out of the bowls.

In the morning we decided to ignore that it was still raining and take a walk to the nearby Cathedral of Ferns. There was a small sign on the drive into Mount Wilson to say that they had used this area for some of the filming of the new Gatsby film. I can't remember a rainforest scene in the book, but I guess we'll see!

We drove home slowly, stopping to peruse antique shops and to buy hot chips with chicken salt. I bought a depression era glass vase which I am excited to use, and scored a $10 dining chair that is painted green.

Home now, with our blankets in the dryer and home delivery pizza ordered. The weather here in Sydney is almost worse than up in the mountains. I'm going to need to buy some gumboots.