Country Style

I am absolutely loving the Country Style team's special release book "Country Gardens of Australia" out in newsagents at the moment. I spied it a few weeks ago and thought it too frivolous a purchase, before caving in and buying it. How wrong I was.

This garden is near where my grandparents were from. I have never visited - it seems a trip might be in order.

Surely the most stunning nursery in the world.

The other day Jane was saying how much she preferred love-in-a-mist to peonies, and I agreed with her. And then I see this combination. These aren't peonies - they are gorgeous "Raubritter" shrub roses - but they immediately reminded me off the pale pink scoops of icecream you see at the markets on November mornings.

And that's my dose of escapism for the week. Feel free to forward your winning lottery tickets to the Heiress Country Garden Fund, please and thankyou.