When I was a little girl, my Mum had a shirt in the most beautiful fabric ever. It had a pattern of berries and leaves, and was exquisitely soft to touch. I never knew much more about it than that, and eventually the shirt was retired from her wardrobe (I think more from being worn out than anything else). In 2005, I went travelling and spent a year in London. One of the shops I discovered and immediately loved was Liberty. I signed up for a loyalty card, and bought Christmas presents for people back home. One day in their fabric department I stumbled across The Shirt Fabric.

I was so excited. It was like rediscovering a long forgotten treasure. The pattern is called Wiltshire Berry. The exact colourway of Mum's shirt was discontinued, but it was very similar to this one - a more royal blue background. I had to buy some for myself to make my own outfit - a dress was what was planned. My hard-earned pounds leapt out of my purse that day.

The sales lady wrapped it in bright orange tissue paper and sealed it with a Liberty sticker. I kept the fabric in it's special carry bag, stashed in my drawer at home. When I moved home to Sydney, it was carefully filed in my fabric cupboard until I had the perfect dress pattern for it.

Now it is 2012 and I still have that parcel of fabric wrapped in it's tissue in my cupboard.

I guess I never found the right dress pattern. Maybe next summer... but what's got me thinking about Liberty Wiltshire Berry Print today? Oh, only these.

They aren't in stock anymore in this print, though they do have some fab floral Doc Martens. Sigh! I would have bought these in a snap. Who would have thought that a print designed in 1933 would be all the rage again in 2012?