Blossom Season

Gorgeous branches of blossom - apple, peach, plum, and cherry - are just starting to appear at the Sydney markets. Fragile and delicate, they drop petals like snow if you look crooked at them. Although they are not the most practical flower, I have a lot of love for blossom stems. Seeing them takes me straight back to my trip to Japan in 2010, which we planned around Sakura (cherry blossom) season. We traversed the country in order to see the trees at their best.

The lovely Naka-Meguro area of Tokyo was the first hint we had of cherry blossom. We were a week or so early, and Tokyo was not yet quite in full force. We hopped on another flight to Hokkaido, with the aim to start at the northern most point of the country and working our way down. 

However, Hokkaido proved a little cold for blossom. It wasn't until we arrived in Kyoto that the cherry blossom trees really put on a show. This particular tree is the one that J proposed to me under.

The folks of Kyoto certainly know how to showcase a cherry blossom tree. 

And the residents are blessed with commutes like this:

This particular creek-side walk is called the Philosopher's Path. It is a famous walk to take in Sakura time. But the most fun way of celebrating the blossom was definitely at night...

...when scores of people crowded the parks and had full on sakura parties. Complete with food stalls and champagne!

Just when we thought we couldn't possibly be blown away by any more displays of Sakura gorgeousness, Nara decided to throw some deer into the equation:

And Himeji-jo turned on a postcard-worthy day.

Kanazawa literally showered us with blossoms.

This is at the famous Kenrokuen garden.

In Obuse, the colours dazzled us in a final stand before we departed.When we got home, I got so excited about having cherry blossom (or peach, plum or apple!) for our wedding flowers. Alas, in December, it's the totally wrong time of year. I can't wait to use blossom at some lucky person's late winter wedding.