I just spent a whirlwind six days in Melbourne, Gippsland and Castlemaine. Taking some time to see friends and family and breathe some country air. I thought I'd share some photos with you, starting today with Melbourne.

First a stop at the amazing and inspiring Flowers Vasette in Fitzroy. I couldn't leave without a posy to keep me company in the car. Double and single anemone, ranunculus, andromeda.

Then onwards to enjoy a taco lunch from the famous Taco Truck.

Having a car in Melbourne was definitely a novelty, and so a trip from Coburg to the South Melbourne Market sprang to mind.

Obviously, if you go to the South Melbourne Market, you must have a dim sim. Or two.

Just around the corner from the market, there is a cute little alleyway with a little sign pointing to Chez Dre, a patisserie/boulangerie extraordinaire. It was time for dessert.

Will you look at that gloss?

What else was great about this trip to Melbourne? Drinking lovely wine with friends. Wilkins and Kent. Window shopping on Brunswick St. SO:ME Space. Huxtable.