Olympic Bouquets

It seems that every four years I am more enthused by the Olympics than the last time. This year for obvious reasons I had a particular interest in seeing the bouquets given to medal winners. Have you seen it yet?

It's by Jane Packer, who's enlisted the help of hundreds of floral students across England to put them (all 5000) together.

I thought I would have a little review of bouquets from Olympics Past. Some of them are more memorable than others...

Beijing held a 3 year competition which resulted in this pyramid design of 9 red roses, 6 hypericum and various foliages - 9 and 6 being particularly auspicious numbers.

Athens brought back the ancient tradition of an olive head wreath, but also created a bunch of gerberas, roses,  blue amaranth, chrysanthemum, solidaster and olive leaves.

from here

Sydney went all out Australian native, including red waratah, kangaroo paw, billy buttons, grevillea, and eucalyptus.

 From here. Yang Yun, left, and Dong Fangxiao, who was underage when they won gold

From here.

Atlanta 1996 produced a long bouquet of delphinium, sunflowers and lilies.

From here. They even made a commemorative poster of the bouquet:

Barcelona 1992 was, to be honest, not much of anything. Limonium (statice) and mini carnations. 

Hello Kieren.

In 1988, Seoul brought us a bit o' loveliness of the gladioli variety (with some chrysanthemums thrown in).

Lovely ladies from here.

And Los Angeles 1984 made a statement with bird of paradise, liatris, red gerberas and fern.

From here.

I drew the line at Moscow 1980 as it seems the boycott was more newsworthy than the flowers.

Certainly an interesting brief - providing 5000 of the same bouquet is pretty huge and potentially mind-numbing work. Which one do you like best? I think my favourite is the Australian native. No bias, I promise.