Fleuressence: the David Jones Flower Show

On Tuesday, I headed to David Jones for the annual Flower Show. It's a Sydney tradition that has been going since the 1940s, when the store put on a large floral display to launch the new spring fragrance for sale. Every year has a theme and this year was "Fleuressence - a celebration of fragrance". Each of the windows portrayed one of the 14 fragrance "families" - woody, floral, oriental, citrus, etc. George and the team from Seed Flora have produced magic again this year.


The sheer amount of flowers used is just mindblowing. In this window alone there are at least 13 kinds of flower en masse. 

This next window was my favourite. It was for "woody oriental". The combination of peach cymbidium orchid and the textural logs really worked.


Of course the romantic floral windows were gorgeous. Cue 1 million roses.


There were lots of moments where vases were used in interesting ways. These white cymbidiums were to represent "water".

Inside, the arrangements were very similar to last years' display: giant waratah replicas out of many stems of gymea lily, and an abundance of vibrant yellow dancing lady.

Orchids were used a LOT, which made sense as they are so long lasting. But I found myself wishing they had used fragrant flowers, in fitting with the theme. However they certainly found some very creative ways to use all different orchids. These purple vandas were particularly striking.And I do love a good branch or two.

It was nice to be able to "smell" all the chosen fragrances for each family. I do not have a huge collection of perfumes but it's always nice to discover new ones that I would happily wear. My favourite this time was Balenciaga Paris, representing "mossy wood". Hint hint, Santa.