In other news...

So it got a bit crazy. Oops. Flowers and costumes, past lives and present all came together at the same time. Doesn't life always happen like that? Anyway, I'm still here! Until the weekend, anyhow - and here you must forgive my bragging - did I mention I'm going to London? and Paris? and Hong Kong? All in one 15 day extravaganza. One of my friends has very kindly decided to be married in London. Hurrah! Hatbox at the ready. And so of course the requisite stop over in Hong Kong and the obligatory two nights of "we'll just pop over to Paris on the train" escapism must follow. On the must see list:

Petersham Nursery.

Abacard Florist.

Tim Ho Wan, michelin starred dim sum. Photo and great review from here.

J and I have been reading some pretty amazing guides to help plan our trip. We've lived in London before, so don't need much guidance there - but for Paris and Hong Kong we enlisted the experts.

This beautiful book by Janelle McCulloch is super inspiring. It breaks the city down into arrondissements and is full of gorgeous images and personal commentary on all sorts of things right up my alley. Of particular interest have been the sections on florists and flea markets, closely followed by where to find the best hot chocolate.

When J and I travelled to Japan three years ago, we heard about a cool guide to Tokyo's hidden restaurants, quirky shops, and unmissable fashion streets. Basically a guide to help you find all the stuff you want to find, but are usually hard pressed finding when you can't read the language. It was not your usual travel guide. Museums and sites of interest were very briefly mentioned, if at all. It was the Tokyo Superguide, and to put it lightly, it transformed our time in Tokyo. So naturally when we planned our New York portion of our honeymoon, we used the New York version. Again it showed us parts of the city we would never have stumbled upon on our own, and so of course, we decided to get the Hong Kong Superguide for this trip, though brief.

I'm going to be documenting my travels a little on instagram, so please do come and follow along, I'm @heiressemma.

Any hot tips? Anything you'd recommend? I'd love to add more must-sees to my list.