Camellia, curated


Camellia I used to be averse to flowers depicted on things. Give me the real thing any day. But lately I quite like noticing lovely floral interpretations. This week I have noticed a lot of camellia, after making myself a banana cake and using my favourite cake tin.

  1. Camellia tattoo, from Pinterest. I can't find the original source for this, but to me it looks very much like an Amanda Wachob work.
  2. My lovely camellia cake tin, bought in a Bendigo second hand store.
  3. Crate label, c. 1910 for Camellia Brand "Pure Gold Quality guaranteed" oranges 
  4. Japanese postage stamp from 1980
  5. Camellia Beans - New Orleans' finest
  6. Camellia and salmon steak, by Japanese artist Hokusai - most famous for "The Wave".

And finally...

Ladies preparing for the Camellia Ball, Mobile, Alabama. Photo by Keyhole Photo (the camellia is the state flower of Alabama).

A round of applause to the florist in charge of these bouquets. Camellias are fussy and super delicate and NOT easy to work with.