Today's Woman Book of Flower Arranging

Today's Woman Book of Flower Arranging

Published in 1954.

1954 Flower Arrangement

It's always exciting to buy flowers... but it can be confusing, too, especially when you're faced with a variety. It's awfully hard to choose, and although you may think you know exactly what you're going to buy, you quickly forget. That's why it's a good idea to have a favourite florist. He becomes a friend you can trust... Telephoning is all right in an emergency, but do go to his shop or greenhouse every time you possibly can.

1954 Corsage

Note the addition of ribbons to give corsage a formal air.

1950's interior

It is not necessary to invest in special garden shears or scissors. An ordinary  kitchen paring knife, well sharpened, will make a clean cut on most flower stems. Moreover, a woman is used to working with it.

1950s urn flower arrangement

Fill-in material is not to be used casually. It should be added to an arrangement with great care. Without it, many arrangements look skimpy. With too much, many arrangements are ruined.

tulips in jug

"Loret Swift is well known as a flower exhibitor, arranger, lecturer and interior decorator. An accredited flower show judge of the National Council of State Garden Clubs, she is also a member of the Royal Horticultural Society of England, The Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and past president and program director of the Woodbridge Garden Club of Connecticut. In addition, she is the director and producer of award-winning flower shows, creator of the "I Like Ike" corsage, and the designer and manufacturer of the first popular "do-it-yourself" flower arranging kits."