Botanical drawings

Morning glory

Morning glory A little while (or a long while) ago I was driving up the coast on the way home from a weekend away and spied a run down old "antique" shop. I use the term very loosely as they seemed to classify Women's Weekly cookbooks and old video games as antiques; however there were some hidden gems. One was an old metal flower frog which I'll show you another day. I also dug up this dusty old packet of 18th century botanical drawings - or so the label read. It was a sealed package and I could only see the top drawing. Dahlias

On arriving home it turned out that it was a set of prints of 18th, 19th and 20th century botanical artists, made in the 1960s. Not to worry. They are still lovely.

Purple bouquet

I particularly like this purple mess. I'd like to try to recreate it but I'm not sure what those long-petalled purple flowers are.


David Austin Rose

The detail. I have been doing a few little things for Heiress Paper and I applaud artists that spend this much time achieving that kind of detail.


The lovely and much maligned carnation. Reminds me of my grandma. Carnations don't tend to smell anymore. They have a lovely scent.