Red carnations in the sea

Carnations in water

Carnations in water Ocean moon flowers

Posy by the sea


Red Carnations

Mountains ocean flowers

This morning I was listening to Out of the Woods by Foals. One lyric really jumped out at me.

It was just a dream The most beautiful place I've seen The white caps and the pines Red carnations in the sea

Red carnations in the sea. I immediately had an image in my head of a whole pack of carnations floating on the peak of a wave. I wished I was an artist, so I could actually make that image come alive. I came home and couldn't get it out of my head.

1. Boston Veterans for Peace throw flowers in the water  // 2. Tumblr  // 3. Tumblr  // 4. Photo by Chelsey Fulbright on Flickr  // 5. Tumblr  // 6. Unknown