Deep Breaths

Flowers for labour

Flowers for labour I was curious about which flowers and herbs have been historically used to help women through labour and birth. Right back to Egyptian times, it seems that ladies have been breathing in specific scents to help them deal. I figured it wouldn't hurt to have some of those plants decorate my house at this point in time.


Lavender. Soothing and comforting, good to create an ambient atmosphere for baby to enter. Lavender is also an antiseptic so useful to have on hand. Eases muscle aches. In a water spray, can cleanse and cool the skin.


Mandarin/Lemon. Can revive flagging spirits during a drawn-out labour. Clears the mind and refreshes.  Can also be used to lift spirits in cases of baby blues.


Jasmine. Hypnotic, floral scent calms, soothes and uplifts. In a massage blend, it soothes painful contractions and helps get slow labours going. Do not use until after 37 weeks of pregnancy (because it can promote labour).

Geranium leaf

Geranium. Calming, stress reducing and relieving. Enhances circulation and is good for labour management techniques that focus on breathing.

Curly geranium leaf

Also: Clary Sage (NOT regular sage), Neroli, Rose, Frankincense,  Roman Chamomile and Peppermint.

Info mostly from here.