Orange bouquet

It's just starting to be that time of year where the light turns everything golden. (Of course it helps if the things you are photographing are already gold to start with.) Autumn is my favourite time of year, until December and then Summer is my favourite.  I am a changeable person.

Orange and gold
Autumn Bridesmaid

The textures in flowers also seem a little more interesting at this time of year. Papery everlasting daisies, smooth silky roses, spiky echinacea, and plump little fruits. Weird velvety celosia.

Orange and gold footed bowl
Autumn gold bowl

I was going to leave it at a bouquet, but then I spied this gold pedestal bowl at a market for $10 and redid the whole shebang. I probably needed more flowers, but I'll call it an exercise in minimalism. Or thrift. (in the voice of Constance Spry) Look what one can achieve!

Autumn floral

I hope you had a lovely Easter break. It was very therapeutic to get my hands around flower stems again, in between the little voices and big smiles of Baby A. I might make a thing of it. Ha!