The other side of the fence

mothers day bouquet

For the first time on Sunday, I was not the person making the Mother's Day bouquets, but the one receiving them. It was surreal and a very nice change. My bouquet was from the shop I used to work at; J asked the ladies what they had that I liked. Well. Everything? They nailed it.

mothers day flowers

I miss the thought process behind making floral arrangements: colours that blend and pop, balance and asymmetry, interesting sidekicks to complement the main feature flowers. Unusual textures and bits and pieces that aren't commonly used.

Everyone I meet asks how I am liking motherhood and if I am surviving. Baby A is such a little personality now that it is impossible not to fall in love with her every morning, as she grins hello over her bassinet blanket. We are blessed with an easygoing, sociable and cheery baby and I already find myself getting sad that she's not as little as she used to be. People told me that "you just have to survive the first 6 weeks" - and looking back, I can see what they mean - but I also miss how tiny she was and how she would fall asleep on her Papa's chest like a little frog.

Baby A new

Hours old.

Baby A 11 weeks

11 weeks. How can you resist this face?

able and game

Best card ever, by Able and Game. Boots made by J's nana; cross front Mary Janes made by my Mum.

I am getting my head around my new role. At first I was unsure about how I would feel to no longer be an "occupation", but a Mum instead. But I haven't lost those titles, just added to them. Because now I am many things; a designer, a florist, a mum.  And getting pancakes made for me to celebrate this new role is fine by me!