Last time I escaped to my favourite country place, it was a time of blackberries and dahlias, warm summer evenings and crunchy dry grass. It was 6 months before I found out I was pregnant.


This time, the zinnias were on their last legs and I had a little extra baggage.

Baby beanie
baby shoes
lipstick plant
orange flower wall
mandarin tree
Foggy road

There is nothing quite like the country air to jolt you awake. Both myself and Baby A slept soundly, and took in the sights and sounds to remember for later. We walked the frost-covered grass early in the morning, and listened to the animals settle at twilight.  I wore gumboots in a non-fashion-choice way (i.e. in mud).  I was nervous about taking Bubs on a plane, but she was a pro; and perhaps because I was showing her around, I found myself seeing the place with fresh eyes and enjoying small details and simple days. What a treat.

Tell me about your favourite holiday place. Is it a childhood tradition? A happy discovery? What is it that makes places so dear to your heart?