The New.

Hello there. I have a new house, and it has a garden. This new divertissement is something I have daydreamed about for many years; but in the way that daydreams rarely become reality, my new playground is very different to my imagined yard, built up in detail over years of wishing and plotting and plant discovery. I am finding this quite exciting, suddenly planning to transform a patch of dirt into something practical and enjoyable.

garden floor plan

Of course I googled "online garden planner" as soon as we received the keys and I have made a little floor plan using the awesome

When we moved in, there was a big patch of nothing. Dirt, dead roots, leaves and branches, nothing. Because we are in a rental, we can't do anything too permanent, so have decided to use IKEA's wooden decking tiles to cover a big section; we will hopefully use this area for entertaining. The plants will be mostly shade loving, thanks to a huge tree outside our front fence - and in a cottage garden style. The garden will be purples, mauves and creams, lush foliages, with shady corners and creeping ground covers. Uneven flagstones and old railway sleepers, moss, and little paths to nowhere.

I am so keen to get started on the garden. I hope to have some updates soon.