Carine Thevenau

You know when you hear a name or a word somewhere, and then suddenly, you're hearing it everywhere? That's what happened to me with Carine Thevenau. The first mention was at my school reunion a few weeks ago, where an old classmate and wonderful makeup artist told me about a photographer she had worked with on a shoot, and that I should follow her on instagram. Then, The Planthunter posted one of her photo essays. A few days later, one of my favourite local fashion labels popped up in my instagram feed - photos for their new season shot by none other than Carine Thevenau.

So of course I had to then stalk her on the interwebs. And I love her work. In particular, this series, titled "For the Nautilus is my Boat". Stunning.

I would love to see these works in person - they were just exhibited in Melbourne. Perhaps a Sydney showing is on the cards? Such a beautiful use of colour and texture. I love the combination of flowers and shells.

See more works from the exhibition at the gallery's website. Carine Thevenau's website is also full of gorgeousness.