The season

jewel tone table centre water lily and dahlia flowers in bottles vintage bottle floral arrangement pink and purple gloriosa dahlia water lily Bright & bold summer florals in bottles. I have a bit of a thing with the whole jar/bottle scene; I really dislike them when they don't look full enough. A wide topped jar with a couple of lone stems always makes me a bit sad. A few tips if you're going down this path for your Christmas table (also: Good Lord, it's Christmas week):

  • Large-headed blooms are always better than skinny ones. (Dahlia, sunflower, spider chrysanthemum, water lily)
  • Narrow topped bottles or vases will display your single flowers better than an open jar.
  • If you have a wider top, group a few different blooms together in one.
  • Don't leave your stems too long - this will make your blooms lean at weird angles. (also, consider the height - don't block the view of your fellow guests).
  • More is more. Thinly spread flowers will look measly. If you've only got a limited amount (like I did, above) then push your bottles into groups rather than leave them on their own.

Happy Christmas! Thank you for hanging in there and following along in this quite tumultuous year. Bubbas, freelancing and moving house, international holidays and bubbas on said holidays. And flowers. Always.

Gloriosa, dahlia, waterlily