Banksia, dahlia, echinacea, rose One of my biggest anxieties over flowers is (apart from missing my alarm and being late to the markets) not knowing the growers well enough. I worry that I should get to know them, then I worry that it's not a good time at 5am on a Friday to stand and chat about me and my little flower business. Summer Valentine

And yet, I always end up with the most beautiful things. Dahlias bursting with colours of the sunset, unusual creeping vines and small bunches of precious berries.

Dahlia, pepper tree, celosia

Last week, I realised there were whole aisles at the market that I had never been down. How much I have been missing out on! And so many more faces to become familiar with and to. I envy the florists who walk up to growers, greet them by first name, ask after the family. How many years does one need to invest before you get to that point? I am still introducing myself to most.

"You've got some interesting stuff there. What florist are you from?"

"Heiress. I'm new."

-slow nod-

"You're new."

Lily, lotus pod, amaranth

In other news, my sideboard has been getting a workout. Valentines, new babies, weddings. The last dahlias of summer go well with fancy ribbons.