Put a wreath on it

Christmas 2015. 

It feels like this year has been and gone without me noticing, but really, it's been a great year for Heiress. Lovely, personal and heartfelt weddings. Adventurous photo shoots. Deliveries for special people. I feel like next year can only get better.

For me personally, things are going to change-but-not-change next year. I'm due to have our second bubba somewhere around the new year (please not on a public holiday, for future parties' sake). I am quite determined, at this point, to wear many hats next year: mother, designer, wife, small business manager. Woman who is interested in enjoying life. 2016 will be a full and fruitful year.

I recently sat on one side of a desk whilst another mother, passionate about her industry and career path, sat on the other side working out my tax to the tiniest degree so that my business would benefit and succeed. It was both a validation and a wake up call. Yes, you have started a small business and it is growing. That's right, women have children and they continue on with their other passions. They make it work. 

Here's to 2016, and making it work.