Shoot bold.

Way back in early June I was lucky enough to find myself working with a whole bunch of lovely, talented people on a great photoshoot. It's strange to be designing and shopping for a shoot; you can essentially do what you like, but you have to think of the end game - are the flowers that I want to use going to go over well with brides looking to hire a florist? Are they going to photograph well, be a colour scheme that you want to demonstrate? It's a funny sort of freedom.

In the end, a lot of my favourites found their way in. Geranium, cumquats, poppies, blushing bride and jonquils sat happily amongst the usual roses and tulips. 

Photography by Dave Houldershaw. Hair and Makeup by Lilah Deguitre. Model Chantelle. The shoot was organised by my wonderful friend Amy from The Wild Side. If you're ever in Canberra in need of flowers, she is the best.