Out of the haze

Suddenly it's April. It's Autumn. I'm booking brides for 2017 - it sounds so far away as to be futuristic. Something out of a sci fi film.

Our son arrived in a rush on the 30th of December. He chose his date well. Not so close to Christmas, and not New Year. It was strange spending New Year's Eve in hospital, a little warm bundle snuggled on my chest. Not a champagne or a sparkler in sight.

There have been some beautiful weddings, in the summer heat and in the rain. Dahlias have featured heavily. Moody colours and thoughtful details. I've really noticed recently how much emphasis couples are putting on their guests enjoying the day, and on it being a true reflection of themselves. I read an interesting take on this idea by one of New York's finest; I'm not 100% in agreement with all her points, but I do like her aims - to shift the mindset and preconceptions that the industry gives to those planning their day.

In other news, I've been obsessing over this children's book illustrator, and wanting to recreate these delicious looking daily lunches every single meal. I've been building a floral reference guide and lusting after this amazing floral studio (and her ribbon wall!)

I'm looking forward to winter approaching - it feels like an age since I've worn tights or a scarf. And sweet peas and hellebores are always welcome.