Shifting seasons

So it's nearly November.  As we were heading into winter, I got excited about seeing certain flowers at the flower markets - ranunculus, anemones, sweet peas, pieris - and then suddenly everyone's selling them and you're outside the roller door at 4.45am and it's 7 degrees, but it's worth it for the hellebores.

Something about the transition of winter into spring makes me very happy. The flowers are delicate, subtle, and any plant that decides to put it's best show on during the coldest temperatures of the year is one I admire. And then as the spring flowers end, my dismay is overtaken by the sight of the local roses, the early season scented beauties back for another round.

I've had the pleasure of creating some florals for some gorgeous and thoughtful brides. Every wedding is so different, and one of my favourite parts is seeing how everyone's wedding reflects and includes the couple's little quirks, their family traditions, and themselves.

And now the coldest days are behind us again, flannel flowers are here, and my tomato plants are flowering.  I'm off to a class with the super inspiring Cecilia Fox next week; I can't wait to soak up all her enthusiasm and stories. Meanwhile, I've fallen down the rabbit hole of this beautiful and thoughtful instagram,  and have been admiring the details (and the inclusion of many houseplants!) in Anna Valdez's still lifes. Enjoy the rest of spring, flower lovers. Before you know it the dahlias will be back.