You're not sure where your immediate future is heading.   

So you ask the universe for ALL of the things. For change. For vitality.  Suddenly after a long spell of comfort, repetition and safety, you're flooded with dazzling, refreshing, igniting opportunities.

You find yourself in Mexico City.  


A bittersweet, engaging, electric-charged life change.

And after the initial settling in -  feeling like a fool for not knowing what a waiter has just asked you;  realising your mistake in letting your children wear sandals to the rocky, dirty, muddy playground; taking "showers" that resemble the slow dripping of a leaky tap - you begin to feel like not that much has changed.


For example, no-one can stop you buying flowers, even if your airbnb has no vases and you have to commandeer an old light fitting.

There is still a lot of settling in, and marvelling, and frustration, and disbelief.   There is the joy at hearing someone say "Ay Caramba"  in all seriousness.  There is the desperate search for laksa paste.   Most of all, there is the relief and release of random English speaking conversations, however brief.

And the food! It's as good as you think. 


It is a city too huge to know in a few years (at the moment, that's how long we plan to stay). But I intend to give it my best shot. And I'm glad to have you reading along. I hope to share many more adventures with you.