Floral Arrangement (Vase or vessel)

Floral Arrangement (Vase or vessel)

from 75.00

A fresh, seasonal arrangement of flowers and foliages in a wild, romantic style. Arranged and delivered in a unique and interesting vessel or vase that compliments the natural arrangement. This is a lovely way to send flowers as your recipient has a keepsake after they have been enjoyed. I choose unusual and tactile vessels, sometimes vintage, sometimes modern designs, depending on the arrangement. If you have something in mind, let me know and I'll hunt it down for you.

Elegant Neutral - fresh whites, creams, and neutral tones paired with lush greenery and branches

Moody Romantic - deep velvety blooms, rich, unusual foliage and textural elements.

Pastel Sorbet - light and airy, pretty blooms and soft delicate foliage.

Bold Statement - loud colouring, sculptural and unusual. With a wow factor.

I have two delivery options - Local and Greater Sydney. Local is considered within 5km of Neutral Bay, as shown on this map. If your delivery address lies outside of this zone, please select "Greater Sydney" as your delivery option.

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